Coach Joaquin

Joaquin made the transition to coaching after 10+ years of competitive running. Devising a training program that consisted of teachings from a decade worth of coaches, training with Olympic Athletes, CrossFit, Circuit Training, and studying running literature, Coach Joaquin took the title as Assistant Coach at Woodland Senior High School producing a great middle-distance runners contributing to 2x league championships.

While in pursuit of a Masters in Business at the University of Portland, Coach Joaquin revamped the Men and Women Sprints team at the University of Portland. In a unique time frame combined with the Women Distance team, nearly every record from 100m – 5k had a female runner appear in the top 5 of school record books. The Mens team embarked on having a competitive relay team (4x400m and 4x100m) and hurdle squad along with short sprinters making appearances at major track meets in the North West, something that has not been in the Pilots record books for many, many years.

Head Distance Coach, 2014 – 2015
Tri County League Champions
Produced League Champions from 800m – 3200m.
Training and competition for 50+ high school student athletes.

Men and Women Sprints Coach, 2011-2013
Coached 9-month pre-season, season, post-season track and field sprints, hurdles, relays, and middle-distance.
Revamped entire co-ed sprints team.
School records from 100m – 400m

Middle Distance Mens & Womens Coach, 2009-2011
2x Tri County League Champions
Track and Field, Cross Country
Training and competition for 80+ high school student athletes

USA Performer for “Gloria by Allora and Calzadilla” – Venice Biennale 2011
USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach – USA Track and Field, 2009
4x400m Competitor – NCAA National Championships Div2, 2008
800m Competitor – NCAA National Championships Div2, 2007

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