Flashback!!! Runner's Warm Up Revisited

Revisiting this old video (and post) because it hit me earlier this week how crappy my workout can be without warming up or anything to prep the body (and mind) before putting in some work. There are soooo many different drills and specifics that one can do before workout, and that also varies on what the activity is. Lately, I’ve been rock climbing so I started incorporating more drills around rotator cuff (shoulder) and foam rolling my back and legs. This all supports flexibility and waking up my body before I start stressing it with the demands of rock climbing.

In regards to Basic Runner’s Warm Up, these drills are what I’ve compiled as my favorites and don’t require much space or equipment. All the drills together target the main muscle groups used for running, thus I give the stamp of approval for that “Sh*t! I have clue what do for my warm up!” moments. Wanna add something? My best friend for when I really wanna give my body the extra treatment is the foam roller. Foam rollers combine massage along with releasing tight muscles (ummmm, how about hamstrings and IT band!!), and it’s been a savior for recovery days. More on that in the future.

Steady Walk/Jog 3 – 5 minutes

2x 14 Steps of walking on heels, walk on toes back starting point

2x 14 Steps of Knee Hugs (knee to chest), walk back to starting point

2x 14 Steps of “Arm Windmills”, walk reverse windmills back to start

2x 10 lunges, Walk back to starting point

2x 12 Steps of “Dust the shoes”, walk back to starting point

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