Meeting My Self Sabotaging Mindset

Health Hackers Podcast Interview

A while back ago I was interviewed for a health podcast. As casual as the sounds being a podcaster myself and interviewing others, I was nervous as hell to be the receiver of questions knowing my answers and voice will forever be digitized and archived for all of time. No pressure, right? Add in the wandering mind of “what do I have worthwhile that I can share with people” and “this is silly, I don’t have anything really cool to say” with that, I embraced first class of a self sabotaging mindset.

Recognizing fear is really just courage on the launch pad, I did the interview. 40 some minutes went by in a flash, and even as I’m typing this I am wondering, “did that interview really happen?” for it has become a blur in mind. A few months later it was released, and I did some social media sharing of it, but really didn’t tell many people… I really didn’t just trust myself and let allow my voice to be heard.

A few weeks went by and buddy of mine in Portland thanked me for sharing the interview that I did. I had no idea people were listening to it, better yet, people in my own circle. He praised and reminded me that my story is one that does have lessons we can all benefit from. That how just trusting self and going after something, much like the interview and this blog in itself, there is no failure and only learning that occurs through a challenge. Some of the things I have learned, practiced, and shared in the interview, are lessons I have taken for granted for they make me the awesome guy I am today, and until that interview, I really didn’t have much of a sound board or take the time to reflect upon.

In the interview, I shed light on a tough transition of letting go of my awesome running career, a point when I felt like I was just getting started, and some practices I have picked up to keep myself in a positive space to keep moving forward. Above all, it was a fun experience and a solid practice and reminder in saying to myself “hey Joaquin, remember to take a deep breath before you go do something awesome.”

Thank you David for this share. Please head to for his work in Health and his awesome podcast.

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