Billy Mills

"Be prepared to accept defeat, not failure."

Billy Mills, since a child, was labeled to have Broken Wings foreshadowing the struggles he would encounter as he grew up in the world. Growing up with both parents dying when he was child, his Dad instilled the wisdom of healing through a journey. In 1964, that journey was winning the Gold Medal at the Tokyo Olympics as an underdog.

Billy is the second Native American (Lakota Tribe) to win an Olympic gold medal (the first being Jim Thorpe). This is served to be one of many challenges during his career, ultimately embracing as a strength and testament of his character and heritage today.

This interview initially took place on 2010 under a separate project I had created. Digging through my archives and in the appropriateness of an Olympic year, I love this interview for the story telling, wisdom, and spiritual insight Billy shares.

Personal Records

5000m — 13:41.4 — July 17, 1965

10,000m — 28:17.6 — August 12, 1965

Marathon — 2:22:56 — October 21, 1965

1964 Tokyo Olmpics, 10,000m finish.

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