Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page walks what he talks. For him, it starts with the mindset. Starting his professional wrestling career at age 35 and not truly stepping into the limelight of the ring until 40, everyone told him he was too old or that his body wouldn’t recover from the many injuries that are often classified career ending. Everyone told him this except himself. Persistency and discovery of Yoga changed it all leading to become 3x World Champion and amongst the greats in the world of wrestling.

“DDP Yoga and food plan are 10% of the equation… the 90% is in between your ears. It’s what you tell yourself. It’s the story you live. It’s what you FOCUS on.” – DDP

Today, that same character stepped into the business as he packaged his Yoga trade secrets and coined it as DDP Yoga, now taking internet and nation by storm. The wild success stories that are testaments of the human spirit when faced with adversity have often lead to DDP participants with life changing experiences and empowerment.

The recent movie, Resurrection of Jake the Snake, captures the story of one of the greatest wrestlers to grace the ring and years later crumble to addiction and feeling as if everything is lost. In true DDP fashion, Yoga, food, and right mindset turn things around. I highly recommend bumping this movie up on your watch list this week.

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