JD Denton

“No matter what you do, you gotta enjoy it and can’t be afraid of failing… Failure is a great teacher, but success is proof you learned the lesson.” - JD Denton

JD Denton is no stranger when it comes to runners and finding their true shoe. For over 20 years, him and his wife have owned and operated Fleet Feet Davis in Northern California. Along this journey of entering the running speciality retail world and merging his passion as a runner, there was a 300 word column he started very early in his shoe career that blossomed to being nationally known as “Shoe Guy” in Runner’s Times magazine. After 15 years of writing that column, he laid it to rest for he said everything he could and decided to move on.

JD can still be found on the shoe floor doing fittings and sharing his expertise with the community and continuing to grow and be of service to anyone looking to reach the finish line on their run.

Find JD and Chris at their store:

JD’s Shoe Guy Column:

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