Jessica Rhodes

“Every time we think we’re not good enough, we’re battling ourselves. And if we could be on our own team, what would that look like?” - Jessica Rhodes

It was a pleasure to sit with Jessica Rhodes, an individual with an incredible heart determined to allow anybody who has breath a way to experience life with minimal suffering through the medicine of Yoga.

Jessica currently sits as the Executive Director of The Yoga Seed Collective in Sacramento, CA. She is on the front lines of showing the world what the power of a small non-profit yoga studio can do to create big impact. Yoga Seed Collective has classes in the studio designed to serve outside the socially normative bodies, along with many programs developed to work in clinics, prisons, schools, businesses, and anywhere else a population may be considered to have limited access to yoga.

Going beyond the yoga studio, Jessica is also an Ayurvedic Practitioner carrying a wealth of knowledge on ways to better health through means of listening and understanding what the body is truly trying say. She shares great tips on how to implement Ayurveda 101 to your daily life and benefit greatly… I know for I started doing so myself.

Yoga Seed Collective in Sacramento, CA
Books by Dr. Vasant Lad

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