Lyndy Davis

“I learned the difference between RACING and RUNNING at the Olympic Trials.”

I got the pleasure of first meeting Lyndy Davis at the University of Portland while I was coaching. She was part of an incredible distance squad, as UP is known for, but struggled with injury during her final season. It seemed the spirit of competition only grew bigger as today she garners sponsors to fuel her post collegiate career and conquering great feats.

Recently, Lyndy ran in the 2016 Olympic Trials for Marathon in Los Angeles. The best in the USA ran on this historic day for multiple reasons, but most notably this day had the most drop outs in Olympic Trials history. Lyndy goes into what the mindset entering the race was like and the great shift from fear to gratitude that took place to make sure she crossed the finish line with a smile.

During this journey of chasing her ultimate half-marathon/marathon self, she’s done so with the vegan diet, which to the outsider this initially raises eyebrows. Lyndy shares with the transition and what she’s learned as a vegan.

Personal Records

3000m — 10:02.29 — March 21, 2009

5000m — 17:00.31 — April 15, 2011

10,000m — 34:45.76 — May 26, 2011

Half Marathon — 1:19:17 — August 8, 2015

Marathon — 2:42:41 — June 12, 2015

Lyndy’s blog:

Lyndy recovering at a water station during the race.

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