Mindfuel – Coach Bruns

Thanks for all your years of support Coach Bruns. We got your back! This one is for you.

Mindfuel ft Octavio Genera

Octavio Genera Woohoo! This is a blast of an interview to catch The Soft White Sixties frontman, Octavio Genera, on the road... literally. While on the way to Eugene, OR to finish their West Coast tour, I caught up with Octavio and his music journey as one who has...

Excited to suck… again

Solace in the self-conscious newbie… Yup… I’m gonna practice sucking at something I like.

Mindfuel ft Jason Tres Reyes

“Be kind. Be useful.” The Good Collective’s mission to rebuild 500 neglected schools in the Philippines, utilizing the power of social media and volunteers.

February Mindfuel ft Diamond Dallas Page

“DDP Yoga and food plan are 10% of the equation… the 90% is in between your ears. It’s what you tell yourself. It’s the story you live. It’s what you FOCUS on.” – DDP

January Mindfuel ft Jessica Rhodes

“Every time we think we’re not good enough, we’re battling ourselves. And if we could be on our own team, what would that look like?”

November Mindfuel: Greg Nixon

Greg Nixon So excited to have a chance to sit down with Greg and understand some keys to unlocking the champion inside of him. Discovering his Track talent later in college, he had to let go of the football dream to make space for the gold world standard of peak...

October Mindfuel: Chad Colwell

Click to download Chad Colwell, Sprint Coach at University of Portland and Co-Founder of High Performance West, sits down to chat about Olympic trials, biomechanics, building champions, and what I like to call the "Chad...

Journey and Success

This isn't a post about a band (though, that's still appropriate for Coach Joaquin)... Rather, understanding that success is a journey to take on. Yes, a cliché, but when it comes to a physical and mental challenge THERE WILL BE SHIT DAYS! There will be days you have...

Running Mechanics and Adaptations… AMAZING

YES! Humans are designed to be amazing runners! This breakdown is amazing on understanding just how incredible and efficient our bodies are for activity. YOUR BODY is an INCREDIBLE MACHINE! KNOW IT! USE IT! CHALLENGE IT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7BfaQ6ZggM

Basic Runner’s Warm Up

A simple warm up CAN make difference in having a more enjoyable run, and is also the first line of defense against injuries. What I have outlined is a very simplified version of warms ups I have incurred over time… This  takes less than 10mins to complete and should...

Dynamic Stretching vs Static Stretching… New School vs Ol’ School

Traditionally, warming up for a physical activity goes something like jog for “x” minutes followed by stretching… touch your toes, stand an pull one leg back, widen your stance and lean to one side, etc. Well, studies are beginning to show you are actually reducing...

Pronation and YOU

You walk into a running shoe store and see alllll the different (expensive) types of running shoes with various "technology". But what technology??? It's just a shoe for running, right? Well, yes and no. Everyone has different running styles and shoes can play a part...

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