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October Mindfuel: Chad Colwell

Click to download Chad Colwell, Sprint Coach at University of Portland and Co-Founder of High Performance West, sits down to chat about Olympic trials, biomechanics, building champions, and what I like to call the "Chad...

Journey and Success

This isn't a post about a band (though, that's still appropriate for Coach Joaquin)... Rather, understanding that success is a journey to take on. Yes, a cliché, but when it comes to a physical and mental challenge THERE WILL BE SHIT DAYS! There will be days you have...

Week #1 Mix

The Mix that started it all! An oldie but goodie.

Running Mechanics and Adaptations… AMAZING

YES! Humans are designed to be amazing runners! This breakdown is amazing on understanding just how incredible and efficient our bodies are for activity. YOUR BODY is an INCREDIBLE MACHINE! KNOW IT! USE IT! CHALLENGE IT!

Basic Runner’s Warm Up

A simple warm up CAN make difference in having a more enjoyable run, and is also the first line of defense against injuries. What I have outlined is a very simplified version of warms ups I have incurred over time… This  takes less than 10mins to complete and should...

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